Listening To A Roadside Stone

Have you ever tried to understand what your cat is talking about? This machine will be a very helpful support.

I believe that all physical things on earth have their own languages even it is a dog, a cat, a tree, or a stone. This machine helps translate all different languages into a default language. When you are prisoned in your own house, have you ever talked to your pets? It must be out of the world if your pets can answer your question. Sometimes I feel like a dog does answer my question but I just cannot understand. Don’t worry, that is totally possible for you to understand it when you have this invention.

It should be very astonishing to explore things in those non-humans โ€™ perspective. Those creatures have their own spiritual experiences and they are not scared of things that we are afraid of. When we are quarantined because of coronavirus, those non-humans seem carefree. They are not influenced. If you want to know who had broken into your house a couple of minutes ago, a stone right in front of your house definitely knows the answer. If you could communicate with a stone, it would tell you things that happened thousand years ago and share things that they spend hours observing. They can announce us when there is a disaster because animals have a special ability to see it before it happens. 

I once read about Japanese selling a type of robot that can communicate with its owner, this invention tends to help elderly people in Japan less lonely when they have someone to talk to. But gradually nobody buys it because they don’t want to talk to a thing that doesn’t have any feeling or emotion and does not gain any love in them. On the other hand, my invention is absolutely different because you love your pets that are members of your family. If you and your pets listen to each other ‘s want, it is easier to get along in life. Your dog will never bite your lovely shoes or pee on your carpet.

It is hard to say when it comes to the price of this invention, but it should be reasonable then everyone possibly possesses it. It is supposed to be easily found in any pet shops or grocery stores. On the other hand, If this invention was launched, we would have to be careful with our own pets too because they might tell somebody else your safe โ€™s password.

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Hi Nina- This is SO creative! I would be afraid that if my pet could talk to me, they would complain about how I don’t pay enough attention to them! Ha! But maybe animals are nicer and easier to please than people, so they would only have nice things to say to us if we could understand them.

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