Think Of You

It has been 16 weeks since I first saw you guys at HonCC. I would have to say that my school experience with you guys is way better than I expected. Honestly, at first I was not really excited to be back to school, so I only registered ESL classes this semester. Maybe, that was one of the reasons that made me uncomfortable on the first day in class, and I could not concentrate on what Ms. Kym was talking, so I was thought to be a daydreamer. However, I really enjoy learning with you guys, and it is so fun when we had group work in class. I am so happy to be with many kind people here. Thank you Ms. Kym for buying donuts for us and being our beloved, honorable teacher. Moreover I want to thank Joseph for giving me hand sanitizer on our last day in class before spring break, and I really appreciate that you offered to give me masks after you got to know that I still go to work these days. Furthermore, I usually use your hand sanitizer when going outside ^_^. Thank you Akiko for cleaning the board at the end of class, and thank you Carlos for serving us malasadas on Valentine ’s Day. Furthermore, thank all of you guys for being my friends this semester. Plus, I love being surrounded by people at different ages because we can share our perspectives and exchange some experiences in life especially when we come from different countries. Maybe you don’t know that when I was in university in Vietnam, I only spent time with my best friend, and others were like invisible to me. Therefore, I am really surprised that I can get along quite well with you guys. I hope that I can have more opportunities to talk with you guys when we will be back to school for ESL 23, 24 together, and in the future If I am asked about my first experience in college, I will think of you guys – the first page of my school life even though we may not keep in touch with each other at that time. I’m looking forward to being your student in Fall 2020 Ms. Kym, and It will be such a big disappointment for me if you are not ESL 23 instructor like this semester.

One friend of mine once said “It is easier for you when people are bad toward you because you could choose to be bad or good toward them. However, if they are nice to you, then you have no choices but to be ten times nice to them.” I am personally still willing to receive kindness from others, so I can learn to be a better person to return those favors. Although I had chances to access some of the knowledge we learnt in this semester, I realized when I tried to listen to those lessons one more time, I had learnt many different things that I haven’t heard before. Furthermore, I really appreciate your determination to decide to be back to school while you are all busy with your children and your work especially in such a tough time. I am not sure if I were you, could I do it as well as you did? Even though I am a homebody, this is such a challenging time for me, and my mind is really exhausted these days.

Finally we will return to our normal life very soon, so be patient, stay safe and don’t be streesed. 加油.


Healing Water Review

This is the first English novel I read, and to me the first one is always the most memorable one. I felt really relieved because of the happy ending for both Pia and Kamaka. But it would be much more satisfying if the author had one more chapter to mention about other characters. 

At first, when I read first 20 pages, I could not understand what was going on in this novel. I felt lost but because we had a novel quiz on Monday, I tried to reread it two more times to figure out what the author was trying to say. In the beginning, it was not fascinating enough for me to spend hours reading but gradually I was absorbed in getting to know what would happen next with all characters. Unfortunately, at the end of the novel, the author just focused on Pia and Kamaka without mentioning about other characters that play important roles in healing Pia ’s heart and teaching him about forgiveness. I hope that Maka Nui, Piolani, Ah Loy are having a happy life with their new o’hana on Molokai’i. But maybe that is the author ‘s purpose, and he succeeded in making us deeply memorize the unfinished ending because we tend to remember unhappy or inconclusive events more than happy ones. But one thing I am quite sure is that Pia is not gay, I feel like he is into Piolani, I would be more than happy if the author gave them a chance to become a couple and live a happy life with Kamaka and Malia. Moreover, I appreciate his effort in using o’lelo Hawaii in his writing, and it gives us a chance to learn Hawaiian language.

I feel grateful for Pia when he has such a nice friend like Kamaka , and I am truly sympathetic with Pia when he was abandoned by Kamaka. But he should have been happy because Kamaka truly loves and needs him, and he puts a lot of effort in fixing their friendship. Personally, I am not lucky enough to rebuild my old friendship, maybe because our friendship was not strong enough or they did not see anything wrong in our relationship or I was too sensitive and overthinking. But nothing is important then, I don’t see any point in fixing that relationship.

After finishing this novel, I feel interested in reading novels in English, and I intend to start a novel I bought a few months ago. If someone asks me for a novel recommendation, Healing water will be off the top of my head.


AI In Our Generation

AI is an indispensable part of out life and always a hot topic among us. I have some thoughts after reading articles mentioning its ability.

I believe that computers’ analysis in human behaviors and emotions MIGHT be true thanks to hints in your conversations like how we figure out implied main ideas in reading comprehension. But I just wonder if we do need AI in our love life. Because when you are madly in love with a person, will you listen to a computer that tells you that your partner is not your Mr. Right or you will believe in your feeling? Love is blind. If your mom or your friends see something wrong with your partner, their advice rarely affects your decision so how can you trust a robot. For me, I will believe in my feeling and prefer receiving advice from my beloved one to a robot. On the other hand, AI plays an important role in some fields. What enables you to control your smart TV or your phone by voice is an AI application. Or have you ever tried to contact Spectrum CS? You will be connected with a robot asking and listening to your answers then giving you a solution or transferring you to another helpful team. Or FBI applies AI in figuring out if suspects are honest or dishonest.

I think in some aspects AI gains positive impacts in our life, it is like a competitor that urges you to improve yourself if not you will be replaced. Some people say that applications are smarter than human beings, but I don’t think it is true. They are smarter than you because the person who programmed them is smarter than you. Gradually I see that AI is replacing human beings in some jobs such as cashiers, sellers, workers in production line, … It helps cutting operating costs and leading people to strange future jobs. Some jobs will extinct in the future and some will expose. 

AI is intelligent and useful but it doesn’t mean that you can count on AI 100 percent because they can make mistakes, too. Have you ever got lost while using Google map? You intended to go to your friend’s house, and it turned out showing you the way to your teacher’s apartment. You should consider it as a helpful reference source and think twice before giving out decisions unless you want to be stuck in problems. Computers need updating and so do you.

When I am asked if AI is dangerous, my answer is “Yes” because it reminds me of cloning. They can be malevolent robots that listen to their owner’s command and kill people with no mercy. Because they have no connection with our world, they don’t have sentient being. Everything is command and nothing is right or wrong. Moreover, our brain is supernatural, and we can do whatever we want. I am really afraid that human beings will create robots serving in War or for their wild minds. 

In conclusion, everything has both good and bad, I hope that we will be cautious to use AI for making our life better and more convenient instead of making it more complicated or meaningless.


Listening To A Roadside Stone

Have you ever tried to understand what your cat is talking about? This machine will be a very helpful support.

I believe that all physical things on earth have their own languages even it is a dog, a cat, a tree, or a stone. This machine helps translate all different languages into a default language. When you are prisoned in your own house, have you ever talked to your pets? It must be out of the world if your pets can answer your question. Sometimes I feel like a dog does answer my question but I just cannot understand. Don’t worry, that is totally possible for you to understand it when you have this invention.

It should be very astonishing to explore things in those non-humans ’ perspective. Those creatures have their own spiritual experiences and they are not scared of things that we are afraid of. When we are quarantined because of coronavirus, those non-humans seem carefree. They are not influenced. If you want to know who had broken into your house a couple of minutes ago, a stone right in front of your house definitely knows the answer. If you could communicate with a stone, it would tell you things that happened thousand years ago and share things that they spend hours observing. They can announce us when there is a disaster because animals have a special ability to see it before it happens. 

I once read about Japanese selling a type of robot that can communicate with its owner, this invention tends to help elderly people in Japan less lonely when they have someone to talk to. But gradually nobody buys it because they don’t want to talk to a thing that doesn’t have any feeling or emotion and does not gain any love in them. On the other hand, my invention is absolutely different because you love your pets that are members of your family. If you and your pets listen to each other ‘s want, it is easier to get along in life. Your dog will never bite your lovely shoes or pee on your carpet.

It is hard to say when it comes to the price of this invention, but it should be reasonable then everyone possibly possesses it. It is supposed to be easily found in any pet shops or grocery stores. On the other hand, If this invention was launched, we would have to be careful with our own pets too because they might tell somebody else your safe ’s password.


“A Shooting Star”

When I was wandering around to look for a blogger that I feel interested in, I was accidentally absorbed in her blog – Just a girl who travels. I felt like Hayley Williams was singing “Airplanes” in my head after I saw her blog article – A Shooting Star.

Corona Virus spreading out is the most popular topic now all over the world. While we are stuck in our own house, she suggests some interesting things that we can do to “Indulge Your Wanderlust at Home“ like she said. It reminded me of a post I saw on facebook recently. A group of doctors posted a picture to encourage everyone to stay home in such a sensitive and hard time ” I stayed at work for you. You stay at home for us”. Staying at home this time is the best way to be responsible for everyone. If you have nothing to do at home but eating or lying on the bed, you can have a look at her recommendation list. She suggests reading books, learning a new language and working on your storytelling. Personally this is a good time for me to learn to make some traditional desserts that I had never eaten since I moved to Hawaii. There are places which are selling those desserts at Downtown but it tastes so so. Then I decided to make it on my own, and I personally think it tastes better than those sold out there =))

Shivya Nath is a traveller blogger, her journey that changed from her 9-to-5 corporate job to a traveller and many different social roles as she introduced is really inspiring to many people. She is so brave to have courage to get rid of everything surrounding to become a traveller blogger. Her journey started from Asia, I have a feeling that she has a special love for Japan among many different countries that she landed when I tried to have a quick look at all her posts. When I was reading her blog, I felt very comfortable and relaxed because she added a lot of nice pictures from her trips or some videos related to the country she was talking about. In my opinion, her blog is really informative and inspiring to you guys who want to learn more about other countries.



Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?

Can you find love online? Somebody will say yes, but personally I don’t believe that I can find love online. I got to know on newspaper or some kind of social media that a girl or a boy had a romantic relationship thanks to dating apps, and they ended up getting married each other and had a happy life. But I think that only happens once in blue moon. However, dating online may be an interesting experience if you have enough awareness to keep yourself from being fleeced. 

I prefer spending time to enjoy some activities that my partner and I are interested in to looking at the screen to chat with a person that you have never seen for hours. When you get to know somebody online, you only know what they want you to know but not their real person. Sometimes they only love the image that their partner online creates, then end up being depressed after meeting each other in real life because he or she doesn’t match their ideal person.

I just remembered an unforgettable experience that happened a long time ago, when Online Role-Playing Game was very popular in Vietnam, everybody played and made a lot of friends via game, a female account would find a male account to get married and vice versa. They tried to build a very good relationship then they could fulfill their duties in game or kill monster together to upgrade their levels or earn money in game. They usually had a very romantic in games so they decided to meet each other face to face. You know what, my friend is a boy and the other one is a boy too but he used a female account, he used a lot of money to buy clothes and stuff for that person in game. When he got to know that he had a romantic relationship with a boy, he felt like he was cheated and very upset. At that time it was a sad story but now it’s a funny story for me to tease him.

Meeting someone through a friend, through school or work, or even through a social organization or church gives you a chance to have an overall background of the person that you will go on a date, it prevents you from being cheated or stolen private information. I usually focus on little things that seem to be not important but I think they say a lot about a person. That how a person reacts to a certain situation or treats other people reflects their genuine one. 

Everybody reads fairy tales but nobody believes in them.


Little Forest: Rain and Shine


Let me see,  who will I be in ten years? Maybe I will be a teacher, a doctor, or a homeless or a millionaire but for sure I am still an only daughter of my parents.

I have no idea about my future job but I will find it out on my running. In ten years, I will graduate from school and have a new job. It may not be a high-paid job but I hope it is a job that I will not get fed up with  every single day. At least, it is a job that I can make money and I don’t have to live in perpetual fear of being on the breadline. Maybe I will be a nurse or some kind of jobs related to social because I am thinking about it while writing this one. 

A few years ago, while I was watching a Japanese movie, whose name is Little Forest: Summer/Autumn; Winter/Spring, I thought of an isolated life in an isolated house where I have to do everything on my own from planting, cooking, gardening, laundry, sewing, … Then I have to start learning a lot from now because I am not that talented. For me, it is such a chill and peaceful life. I will live in a small house with my beloved one if I am fortunate enough to have one on the same page as me. My house will be nice and neat and all furniture in my little castle is made of wood. I want to have a big kitchen completely equipped where I am able to cook all kind of dishes. It will be awesome with a dog and a cat, too. I am willing to live with my parents if they want to, if not I can spend time visiting them once or twice a week. 

Maybe, I am going to make my own pottery to sell at Aloha Stadium =))) You know what, at Aloha Stadium, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday they have Swap Meet & Marketplace. Once in the blue moon, I buy stuff there but I think it’s really interesting to pay a visit to the marketplace. They sell everything at dirt cheap price.

OK, let’s turn back to my life in my isolated house, everybody usually has babies in there thirties. I do love babies but having your own babies is another story. It’s such a huge responsibility to bring up a baby. It’s not only about playing with them or feeding them, but also educating them and providing them with a positive environment. However, if it is a gift from God, I will take it. I will teach my kid everything that enables her to take care of herself without my help, I will put her to sleep by my lullabies. I don’t have an ideal-typical partner but I hope that person is the one with whom I can spend a day that seems boring without feeling boring. We can do a lot things together and go to many places together. 

If I cannot make it a reality in 10 years, I will try it in 20 or 30 years 😀



A Place I Belong to

My first connection to this Aina is definitely my family who has been living here about 20 years. They are the ones that showed me many places in Hawaii, made me feel like Hawaii is a part of my life now. After living here about more than one year, I gradually get used to everything in Hawaii and fall in love with it without any notice  and see it as my second home. Hawaii welcomed me with a dizzle, a fresh wind and beautiful mountains. I love rain but rain in the Vietnam is really heavy and sometimes it lasts a whole week and comes with rocks too. And needless you say, it’s really humid and uncomfortable after a rain. The street is so slippery and muddy and full of trash. But in Hawaii, rain is so cool and fresh, I love walking in the shower. I think that most of us who are now living in Hawaii at least once see a double rainbow after a rain, It gives me a feeling with full of hope. Staying at home, listening to music while watching the rain is the most comfortable thing that I have ever done in my free time 

I love plants over here, too. I feel like trees in Hawaii are greener than in any other places. It always makes me feel peaceful and safe. Mountains are full of many different kinds of trees and flowers which can give you a look at many spectacular sightseeings you can never imagine from the tops. In some ways, this land always makes me feel calm, heals my pain, eases my mind. It is really relieved to think of my old age in this Aina, to be surrounded by nature. Hawaii is not an ideal place for tourists to come here many times but it is a heaven to live. Having a place that you belong to is such a beautiful feeling. This gorgeous land gains a responsible feeling in me, which encourages me to do good deeds to this Aina even in small ways.


Mid-Autumn In My Heart

I’m a forgetful person, who always have a hard time to keep things in my mind. And that’s the reason my ipad is locked forever. But magically I still remember those days that we celebrated the mid-autumn festival in our old neighborhood when I was a kid.

On that day, my friends and I would run home immediately right after school to get our star-shaped lanterns. Then we rode bicycle to go to the house of culture where there were many activities for kids on this holiday. We gathered together in circle to watch lion dances, to listen to the legend of Cuoi, Hang sister and the banyan tree- a popular Vietnamese fairy tale that explains the origin of the festival., to play traditional games to win some cakes and candies. After we were tired of running around with our lanterns, the sun went down, we went on a racing bicycle to get home.

This festival occurs on the 15th of August in chinese calendar, and this time is at the roundest and brightest moon in the year. This is considered as a family union by all Vietnamese. We often eat Moon cake, which symbolizes luck, happiness, health and wealth on this day. I remembered that a Chinese autie usually gave us Nian Gao- a traditional cake for Lunar new year and our family cooked floating cakes- marble dumplings made of white rice flour, with rock sugar fillings  to share with other families in our neighborhood. 

Maybe, you would never know how fun it was when we enjoyed a holiday without electricity and modern devices, and every family went outside to celebrate the holiday. While adults were gathering on mats in front of our house to play Tu sac cards or talking to each other, My friends- Bin, Hon, Ti,.. and I were singing moon festival songs when parading along the neighborhood with lanterns in our hands. Then we used a lot of candles to organize in shape of a star, a moon, a fish,.. any pictures that happened in our minds. My friends and I are very happy and fully enjoyed our holiday because this was an only holiday that we were allowed to stay up late to celebrate the festival. Sometimes the sounds from an old cassette what we used to use to turn on old songs those day just float in my mind to remind me of those true happiness. The taste of floating cakes is as sweet as my memory of those old days. But happy days didn’t last long.

As I was eight, the Chinese autie – Mi was gone after trying to kill herself because of her struggling in her life. Then I felt a big difference in our neighbor, holidays seemed less interesting without her. After a few years, my friends and I got older, we became busier with our own things, we  stucked with phones instead of spending time with each other. Then my neighbor kept moving to new places and new neighbor kept coming, I realized that we lost something very important. This is my most memorable moment because it will never happen in life the second time.

When I live in Hawaii, holidays are not as exciting as old holidays. I spend more time with my family instead of splitting time with my friends, I sometimes talk to my mom about Mi auntie, about our happy days when we still had her. But I appreciate that I had those cheerful days to raise me up in a rainy day, to have something to tell when I am asked about my childhood.


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I would never experience homesickness if that day we didn’t immigrate to Hawaii in November, 2018. Even though I moved to Hawaii with my parents, I missed the feeling when we were together in Vietnam. I loved wandering on the street in Vietnam by motorcycle, eating street food, going to my friend’s house, enjoying bustling atmosphere in every holiday. But everything was totally different in Hawaii. I could not feel the holiday vibes on the street  in Hawaii. Holiday was just like an usual day. I kept imagining what we would be doing this time if we were in Vietnam then; what my friends were doing that time. I didn’t contact anybody in the first month when I came here. Up to now, I didn’t know how I could go through those days. 

Then I realized that we shouldn’t  be sunk in a bad mood for a long time or we will be drowning in it. I decided to pick myself up to focus on working, being happy, getting new friends, to stay positive. I know it is hard to get friends especially when we come from different countries. But even when you live in your own country, it’s also difficult to make new friends when you age. 

Because I’m working at a Korean supermarket, I recently enjoy internalizing their culture. I got to know an auntie whose name is Jina. I’m interested in talking with her because it makes me feel comfortable. We sometimes share different interesting things between Korea and Vietnam. She taught me some phrases in Korean, which urged me to learn Korean but English is my priority at this time. Talking with her helps me improve my English a lot. I know if one day when I don’t work there anymore, there is no chance for me to meet her. But I just take it easy and appreciate this moment when we are in work together. 

It is tough to start everything from scratch in a new country when we aged but it’s our decision to immigrate. If we decide to do it then do it at our best. Try to make your reality better than your dream. 

Hope that we would overcome darkness in life together to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


My second life in Oa’hu “ALOHA”

In such a nice day of January, i would tell you about my new life in Hawaii. It has been more a year since i was first in Hawaii. At first, it was really hard for me and my family. Cause i am an only child in my family, and my parents’ English level is absolutely 0. But luckily, everything became better day by day. I have two jobs which i really enjoy now and help me save some money. Somebody says it is too boring to live in USA compared to living in my hometown- Vietnam a never-sleep-city, but i would have to say that Honolulu is just right for me. I love spending time being alone and doing something relaxing. Sometimes, going out with me friends also gives my some fun. I am interested in something new like cooking new dishes, learning to do something new, experiencing new food,…. If you want to try Thai dishes, i would recommend Siam Square restaurant, I love Tom Yum here. I also love Japanese and Korean food. However, None of them can beat Vietnamese cuisine in my heart :D. Hawaii is such a nice place with spectacular sightseeings, beautiful weather for both people and plants. Hiking over here is one of my hobbies, but it is so hard to find time to go recently. I enjoy reading but in Vietnamese- my mother language. Cause reading in English is too hard to me to understand- new vocabularies, it takes long time for me to get used to the way the write in English. And no need to say, writing in english also gives me a hard time, even when i was in school in Vietnam, i was so bad at writing. But no more choices, i have to try my best to be better, to get head. Last but not least, Hawaii is my second hometown now. I love Hawaii


My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.